Visual Studies - Rome Network (ViStuRN) is a project aiming at endorsing, connecting and coordinating international researches devoted to “visual cultures”, considered in their different aspects - historical, morphological, geographic, anthropological, cognitive - and according to different methods.

The research domain concerns the ways and forms through which historical civilizations acquired their visible appearance or made of visual dimension a means of representation and an object of cultural concern, from a largely multidisciplinary perspective, from archaeology and art history to aesthetics, semiotics, epistemology, anthropology, media studies, psychology and cognitive sciences. From this point of view, the visual domain, in its historical and cultural inflections, is not only an object of study but also a living vehicle of knowledge, not less than language.

Visual Studies - Rome Network is an independent project supported by the collaboration of several international cultural institutes based at Rome, the American Academy in Rome, the British School at Rome, the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Austrian Historical Institute in Rome, the Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome, the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome.











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